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Giovanni Alberto Agnelli (Genoa, April 19, 1964 - Turin, 13 December 1997) was an Italian entrepreneur and business executive.

Son of Umberto Agnelli and Antonella Bechi Piaggio, was president of Piaggio from 1993 until his death, turned around the fortunes of the company. Uncle Gianni Agnelli was destined to succeed him as head of Fiat.

He had two brothers by their father, Andrew and Anna Agnelli, and a sister by the mother, Chiara Visconti di Modrone. In 1969 he attended elementary school at St. Joseph College in Turin, where he studied all the lambs.

His mother is separated from her husband Umberto Antonio in 1974 and brought his son with him to Atlanta, Georgia, where he owned a herd of dogs. Parents answered the same year: Umberto with Princess Allegra Caracciolo, Marella's cousin (the wife of Gianni Agnelli), and Antonella with Duke Uberto Visconti di Modrone (relative to turn to Allegra Caracciolo).

In the United States he studied at McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then enrolled at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, Degree in International Relations with a thesis on the Middle East [1].

In 1982 he returned from the United States and worked in the Fiat Comau Grugliasco under the assumed name of John Ross. [2] The plant produces robots and machine tools for machining of auto parts and assembly. The pseudonym "John" will be tied to him forever, especially in Turin, where, and BenVista loved by his fellow citizens, was identified and recognized by the various homonyms in the family.

After college he began his military service as a policeman-paratrooper. On April 21, 1986 he entered the Tuscania battalion of the Thunderbolt, whose maternal grandfather Alberto Bechi Luserna was one of the leading entertainers. Military troops remained, unable to take the course for reserve officer as the Italian state did not recognize his title of U.S. study. The same year he appeared in the ad campaign to revitalize the Carabinieri Tuscania as "policeman John" [3].

On February 25, 1993, was named president of Piaggio [4] and 15 November of that year joined the board of directors of FIAT [5].

Strongly wanted the establishment of a museum within the former premises of the various models of Piaggio scooter products from this company. The museum opened four years after his death and he was entitled.

Married in November 1996 Frances Avery Howe, a student who had known the "McCallie School, with whom he had a daughter, Virginia Asia, born September 16, 1997.

He died Dec. 13, 1997 for a rare form of intestinal cancer [6], despite treatment at specialized centers in the U.S. [7].


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